About the Summer Language Institute

About Us

Thank you for considering our Slavic and East European Summer Language Institute  and Near Eastern Summer Language Instiute (SLI). Ours is well-established program (over 25 years) of intensive language study that places emphasis on practical proficiency in the target language.

Approximately 100-120 students from all over the U.S. and Canada participate in our program each year.

We offer:

  • Six-week programs in Estonian (2 levels), Latvian (2 levels); Lithuanian (2 levels) Polish (2 levels), Slovak(3 levels), Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (3 levels), and Beginning Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Turkish and Bulgarian in Pittsburgh
  • Eight-week programs in Russian (four levels*) in Pittsburgh
  • Eight-week progams in (Levantine) Arabic, Persian/Farsi and Turkish in Pittsburgh
  • Eight-week progam in advanced Russian in Yakutsk, Russia for ROTC Project GO scholarship recipients
  • 5+5 program in intensive Russian language (5 weeks in Pittsburgh followed by 5 weeks at Moscow State University – maximum 32 participants;Moscow segment not available as a separate course)
  • a 6+4 program in intensive  Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, or Bulgarian languages (6 weeks in Pittsburgh followed by 4 weeks in Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, or Bulgaria)
  • a four-week program in  Debrecen, Sofia, Krakow, Bratislava and Montenegro for those who have completed beginning-level language. (telephone interview required)
  • a six week programs in Krakow, Poland (Advanced Polish) and in Prague, Czech Republic (Intermediate and Advanced Czech) which are FLAS eligible.

*The Moscow program includes an advanced course designed to address the unique educational needs of heritage speakers of Russian (minimum of 4 students required for this program).


Pittsburgh classes are in session Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. All courses are equivalent to one year of college-level language instruction. Class size is limited to twelve students per section. All programs include extracurricular activities such as film viewing, singing, cooking classes, and cultural lectures.

Study Abroad

All study-abroad programs include travel and cultural programming in the targeted country, and include orientation sessions.