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U.S. Slavic Community

The Slovak community has contributed financially to the establishment of a full-time faculty position primarily in the Slovak area. The creation of that position makes the University of Pittsburgh unique among higher educational institutions outside Slovakia, additionally providing expanded coverage in the areas of Slovak culture, cinema, folklore, and linguistics. Pitt houses the only Slovak Studies Program in the U.S. The Thomas Kukucka Memorial Scholarship provides travel expenses for students who study abroad in Slovakia.

A Polish Endowment, newly established in 2011, supports instruction in Polish language, literature and culture.

A gift from the Polish National Alliance has placed Pittsburgh in possession of one of the richest collections of Polish library materials in the United States.

Community support of the Serbian program has enabled the Department to offer courses not only in Serbian language, but also in Serbian literature and culture.

A Croatian Endowment provides scholarships for study in our Summer Language Institute. Four levels of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian are offered.

Ukrainian-Americans have established and continue to contribute to a Ukrainian Endowment with the hope of establishing a full-time faculty position in Ukrainian language and culture in the Slavic Department.

Giving to Support Slavic Studies

Making a gift to the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is quick and easy. Use the convenient online service, and follow the link to "Give Online Now."

You can also send your check made payable to the University of Pittsburgh to:

University of Pittsburgh
Records Management
Park Plaza
128 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260 

Indicate "Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures" in your letter and include the specific name of the Fund to which you wish to make a donation on the subject line of your check. Call the University of Pittsburgh at 1-800-817-8943 to make your gift by phone. Thank you very much for you generosity! You may also mail the check to the Slavic Department.

For further information about giving to any of the Funds or Endowments in the Slavic Department, call 412-624-5906 or email