Elise Thorsen

  • Open Source Analyst, Novetta Advanced Analytics

Education & Training

  • PhD, Slavic Languages and Literatures "Territory and Empire in Early Soviet Poetry," 2016
  • MA, Slavic Languages and Literatures (Russian Literature), University of Pittsburgh, 2009
  • BA, Russian Studies, College of William and Mary, 2006

Courses Taught

  • Russian language (1st and 2nd year; TA for advanced course on topic of "Folk Laughter" taught in Russian)
  • 20th Century Russian Literature
  • Russian Short Story in Context
  • Madness and Madmen in Russian Culture
  • Russian Fairy Tales
  • Sci-Fi: East and West
  • Forbidden Love on Page and Screen

Representative Publications

“The ‘cinematic poetry’ of the Thaw.”  Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 12.1 (January 2018): 1-17.

Review of Lera Surkova's Pagans (2017). In KinoKultura 59 (January 2018). http://www.kinokultura.com/2018/59r-iazychniki.shtml

Birnbaum, David J., Elise Thorsen. "Markup and meter: Using XML tools to teach a computer to think about versification." Presented at Balisage: The Markup Conf. 2015, Washington, DC, Aug. 11 - 14, 2015. Proceedings of Balisage. vol. 15.

Review of Denis Shabaev's Not My Job (2015). In KinoKultura 54 (October 2016).

Review of Nariman Skakov’s The Cinema of Tarkovsky: Labyrinths of Space and Time. In Slavic and East European Journal 57.1 (Spring 2013): 127-128.

Review of Nila Friedberg's English Rhythms in Russian Verse: On the Experiment of Joseph Brodsky. With David J. Birnbaum. Language 90.3 (September 2014): 765-767.

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Russian Cinema and Media
  • Computational Methods in the Humanities
  • 20th Century Russian Poetry

Employment Since Graduation

Dissertation Title and Year

Territory and Empire in Early Soviet Poetry, 2016