Nancy Condee

  • Professor; Director, Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Condee is a scholar of contemporary Russian culture, cinema, and cultural politics.  She is a member of the Film Studies Program and Director of the Center for Russian, and East European Studies, and Eurasian Studies (REEES).

Education & Training

  • PhD, Yale University 1980

Courses Taught

  • Outside Capital: Postmodernism as Second-World Practice
  • Anti-Imperialist Empire: Formations of Second-World Culture
  • Cultural Studies Common Seminar: Intellectual Orthodoxy
  • Stalin Culture; Thaw, Stagnation, and Perestroika

Representative Publications

1. Condee, Nancy, Alexander Prokhorov, and Elena Prokhorova, eds.  Special issue of Critical Quarterly 63.2 (July 2021) entitled Putin ~ Culture.  In press.

2. Condee, Nancy, Alexander Prokhorov, and Elena Prokhorova, eds. Cinemasaurus: Russian Film in Contemporary Context.  Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2020.  330 pp.  See graduate syllabus Cinemasaurus: Graduate Syllabus — Academic Studies Press and undergraduate syllabus Cinemasaurus: Undergraduate Syllabus — Academic Studies Press

3. ---. “La question du cinéma « post-Balabanovien ».” In Eugénie Zvonkine, ed. Cinéma russe contemporain, (r)évolutions. Villeneuve d'Ascq: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2017. 255-265.

4. ---. “3 Questions: Russian intellectual history as a practice and project (Historia Nova Interviews).” All the Russias. Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia (New York University); 7 August 2017. View online »

5. ---. “Knowledge (imperfective): Andrei Zviagintsev and Contemporary Cinema.” In Birgit Beumers, ed. Companion to Russian Cinema. Oxford: Blackwell-Wiley, 2016. 565-84.

6. ---. “Cold Snap: Russian Film after Leviathan.” All the Russias. Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia (New York University); 22 July 2015. View online »

7. ---. “The Russian Pavilion at Cannes 2015: Film Politics after Leviathan.” KinoKultura 49 (2015). View online »

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Russian cinema
  • Empire theory
  • Contemporary culture
  • Late Soviet culture

Representative Conference Presentations

Representative keynotes, talks, or conference presentations

Keynote.  “Philistines and Janitors: Dissembling in Muratova’s Late 20c.”  “People don’t like to look at this…”: The Cinema of Kira Muratova.  FernUniversität Hagen – Regionalzentrum Berlin.  29 June 2021. 

The Harriman Institute.  Columbia University.  Guest.  Series: Contemporary Culture.   Discussion: Klim Shipenko, Text [Tekst, 2019].  8 December 2020. 

University of Chicago (Neubauer Collegium).  Series: After the End of History.  “Informal Economies, Capital, and the Collective.”  Other participants: Yakov Feygin (Economics, Berggruen Institute (., Peter Rutland (Government, Wesleyan University), Philipp Ther (History, University of Vienna).  23 October 2020 (online). 

Short Films Competition.  Jury member.  Kinotavr Open Film Festival. Sochi (Russia).  12-16 June 2019.

University of Tartu (Estonia).  Keynote address.  “The End of Sovereignty in Post-Communism’s Third Decade (2009–2019).”  10 June 2019. 

Confederation of the Filmmakers’ Unions (Moscow).  Speaker.  Cold War and Cinema: The Present, the Past, or the Future?  14 April 2019. 

International Film Award East – West. Golden Arch (best full-length feature film in countries from Eastern Europe to Western Asia). Jury member.  Moscow (Russia).  Jury member.  14 April 2019.

boundary 2.  “Wishful Thinking: The End of Sovereignty.”  Annual meeting of the journal.  5 April 2019. 

Russian Film Week. London (UK).  Jury member.  19-26 November 2018.

Smithsonian Institution (Kennan Institute).  Speaker.  Conflicting Memories, Unreconciled Narratives, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). October 14–16, 2018. 

University of St. Andrew (UK). “Russian Cine-Politics (2017): Memory, Amnesia, and Risk.” 16 November 2017.

University of Sheffield (The Prokhorov Centre for the Study of Central and Eastern European Intellectual and Cultural History, UK). Keynote: “Modernities: That Thing They Once Called Europe.” Constructing Europe(s): The Cultural Borders of Western and Eastern Europe Past, Present, and Future. 26-27 May 2017.

University of London (Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image, UK). “Moral Repository.” Urban Change. 10-12 May 2017.

Yale University (European Studies Council, Carnegie Foundation, Film and Media Studies). Film Colloquium with Russian director Natalia Meshchaninova. 10 March 2016.

Princeton University. REEES and Slavic. Post-Soviet Russian Cinema: Theory and Practice. Talk entitled “Russian Cinema 2015: Challenges, Trends.” 11 December 2015.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Russian State Humanities University (RGGU), New Literary Review Publishers (NLO), Prigov Fund. “’Peace and Friendship’: Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Prigov in the Twilight Years of American Sovietology” [“’Mir i druzhba: Dmitrii Aleksandrovich i zakat amerikanskoi sovetologii”]. Fifth Annual Prigov Days (75th Anniversary of the Birth of D.A. Prigov (5-7 November 2015). Muzeon Complex, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. 6 November 2015.

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow). “Custodian of Memory: Russian Cinema and the Politics of Recall.” 2 November 2015.

New York University. 2015 Distinguished Lecture. Jordan Center for Advanced Russian Studies. “Property Rites: Russian Culture Today and the Politics of Seizure.” 25 September 2015.