Oksana Lernatovych

  • Part-time instructor

An author and executive editor of two Ukrainian radio programs in Pittsburgh “Ukraine in the Heart of Everyone” and “Christ Among Us” (sponsored by the Diocesan Resource Committee) that are broadcasted on WPIT 73AM, 96,5FM station every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. EST) ( Pittsburgh PA) https://wpitradio.com/.

Podcast https://anchor.fm/dashboard, http://pittua.com/.

YouTube / channel / LECTOR UA

Executive Director of advertising department of Lviv National radio station   (1998-2004)

Executive Editor of magazine “Silskuj Hospodar”, Lviv, Ukraine (1992-1998)

Editor of newspaper “Za Vilny Ykrajiny”, Lviv, Ukraine (1987-1998)

Education & Training

  • Master of Arts degree in Journalism, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine, 1988

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Ukrainian Language
  • Intermediate Ukrainian
  • Advanced Ukrainian
  • Independent study
  • Elementary Russian

Representative Publications

Author of numerous articles in various Ukrainian newspapers and magazines, including: “Za Vilny Ykrajiny”, “Silskuj Gospodar”, “Svoboda”, “Moloda Galychuna”, “Tygden”, “Slovo Pravdu”. Some of the articles can be found at:

Editor of various books and educational publications, including “Monograph by V. Lernatovych: Literature and the Press of Modern Ukraine”, Lviv, Ukraine 2010; “Axiology of the Press” by V. Lernatovych, Lviv, Ukraine 2010, - 292pg.

Representative Conference Presentations

Participated in forum of the Ukrainian instructors that was organized by Lviv Polytechnic International Institute of Education, Culture and Relations with Diaspora in 2018. The forum had over 250 registered participants from over 36 countries and was a great platform for exchanging experiences, and discussing various difficulties and problems encountered during teaching the Ukrainian language, as a foreign language.

Participated in online symposium with a student in International educational-practical seminar that was held in March 2019: “Ukrainian language as foreign language: searching innovations through various techniques teaching foreign languages.”