Learning Russian Through Russian Internet

RUNET:  Check back later in May for active links. 


This project aims at developing an open resource with authentic Russian online materials that can be used in language classes to improve listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, and overall Russian language and cultural proficiency. We would like to create a website with authentic Russian Internet resources and include interactive learning activities (along with transcripts and active vocabulary): discussion questions, quizzes, ideas for presentations and projects, etc.  We would like to use Russian Internet (“Runet”) as a learning resource that would include samples of Russian popular blogs, vlogs, memes, Internet stars, Russian Youtube videos, social media posts, Internet language (“Olbanskii language”), etc. The learning activities will include a variety of topics: health, traditions, hobbies, cuisine, daily activities, social interactions, etc. It will also include a significant cultural component. 

"Runet: Learning Russian Through Russian Internet" will introduce students to the modern use of Russian language and the diverse cultural contexts, in which these linguistic forms might be encountered. Together with the current textbook and the web-based grammar tutorials and grammar and vocabulary exercises, our language resource will allow us to offer more creative and interactive activities both for homework assignments and in-class instructions.  It will be used as supplementary materials for the current textbook for Intermediate Russian, however, will not be restricted only to this course.


1. Who am I?

2. Education and professional careers

3. Family and personal relationships,

4. Our home—our fortress

5. Technology and Internet

6. Appearance and personality

7. Health and sport

8. Daily life city

9. Nature and ecology

10. Hobbies and art

11. Travel and global citizenship

12. We are what we eat