Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Minor

Students may complete this 15-credit minor during the regular academic year or through summer study of the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language. 

Option 1: Academic year 

Required Courses

_______ SERCRO 0030 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 3
_______ SERCRO 0040 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 4
_______ SERCRO 0400 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 5
_______ SERCRO 0410 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 6

Culture Course; select one course

_______ ANTH 1768 Cultures and Societies of Eastern Europe
_______ HIST 1225 Balkan History from the Ottomans to the Yugoslav Collapse
_______ SLAV 1850 Understanding the Balkans: Introduction to Balkan Culture and Literature

Option 2: Summer study; choose one course from each of the following pairs

 _______ SERCRO 0220 Intermediate Intensive Serbian

 _______ SERCRO 0230 Intermediate Intensive Serbian Pitt-Montenegro

 _______ SERCRO 0230 Advanced Intensive Serbian/Croatian

 _______ SERCRO 0231 Advanced Intensive Serbian Pitt-Montenegro

Program Advisor:

Ljiljana Duraskovic
1229C Cathedral of Learning

PDF Link to Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Minor Guidelines

Click Here for the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Minor Guidelines PDF