Polish Minor

Students may complete this 15-credit minor during the regular academic year or through summer study of the Polish language. SLAV 1865 may not be used to fulfill a requirement for more than one academic program.

Option 1: Academic year

_______ POLISH 0030 Intermediate Polish 3
_______ POLISH 0040 Intermediate Polish 4
_______ POLISH 0400 Advanced Polish Through Film

_______ POLISH 0410 Advanced Polish 2
_______ POLISH 0325/0870/1260 The Short Story in a Polish Context; Contemporary Polish Cinema: Literature on Film; Survey of Polish Literature and Culture
_______ SLAV 1865 The Year Communism Crumbled

Option 2: Summer study; choose one course from each of the following pairs

_______ POLISH 0220 Intermediate Intensive Polish
_______ POLISH 0221 Intermediate Intensive Polish Pitt/Poland

_______ POLISH 0230 Advanced Intensive Polish
_______ POLISH 0233 Advanced Intensive Polish Pitt/Poland

Program Advisor:

Oscar Swan
1234B Cathedral of Learning

PDF Link to Polish Minor Guidelines

Click Here for the Polish Minor Guidelines PDF