Slavic Studies Major Requirements

Option ONE

1. Two years of a Slavic language above the intermediate level one of the following:

  • Two terms of Advanced Russian [0400-0410] and two terms of Fourth Year Russian [1420-1430]
  • Two terms of Advanced Polish [0400-0410] and Fourth Year Polish [Independent Polish 1903]
  • Two terms of Advanced Slovak [0400-0410] and Fourth year Slovak [Independent Slovak 1901]
  • Two terms of Advanced Serbian/Croatian [in LAI] and Fourth year Serbian/Croatian [LAI or Study Abroad]
12 credits
2. 18 credits of designated Slavic department courses in literature, film, and culture. Students must take 3 literature courses, 1 film course, and 2 courses in Slavic culture. One of the above must be a W-course. 18 credits
3. 6 credits of Arts and Sciences courses with a strong Slavic component (courses found in the Russian and East European Studies listings) may be substituted, with the advisor’s approval, for 6 credits in #2, above. (6 credits)
4. 6 credits of Study Abroad or designated Slavic courses in any of the categories above. If students choose a language course, the number of credits may be 6 – 10. 6-10 credits
Total 36-40 credits
Option TWO
1. One year of primary Slavic language above the intermediate level
This can be Russian, Polish, Slovak, or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.
6 credits
Plus one year of a second Slavic Language at any level
This can be Russian, Polish, Slovak, Serbian/Croatian, Ukrainian [only offered during the academic year] or Bulgarian and Czech  (SLI [summer program only]
8-10 credits
Students in this option must also fulfill #2 - #4 as stated above in order to complete the major.  
Total 38-40 credits
Note: The first two years of language study do not count as credits towards the major, unless the first year language course is taken as part of Option 2.

You can view an appendix of courses by category here.

The core literature and culture courses are offered in English and, in addition to fulfilling Department major requirements, satisfy one or more University general-education requirements (non-western foreign culture, writing, etc.). Language courses (including the 0420 and 0430 reading courses) should be taken in the sequence shown here.

Related area: In addition to the core courses, students must take two Slavic-related courses in other departments (e.g. political science, art, history, economics). Such courses also count toward the REES Certificate. Elective courses in the Department include Polish, Slovak and Russian film courses, Slovak and Russian culture courses, Russian, Polish and Slovak literature courses, and cross-cultural courses such as Science Fiction East and West and Vampire: Blood and Empire.

Grade Requirements in Major: A “C” or better in language courses is required to advance to the next level and in other courses in the major as well.

Program W Requirement: RUSS 0080, 0810 (Masterpieces of Russian Literature I and II), and RUSS 0870, History of Russian Film are frequently offered as W courses with Slovak 0380 Slovak Transatlantic Cultures and Polish 0325 Polish Short Story, among others, are offered on occasion as W courses.

Departmental Honors: Junior Russian majors who maintain an A- (3.75) QPA in the departmental courses and a B+ (3.25) overall, may apply through their advisor for consideration for graduation with departmental honors. Requirements include: at least one additional 1000-level course; the submission of a 20-page research paper, the writing of which involves the use of primary Russian source; and a 2-3 page summary of the paper in Russian.

Satisfactory/Audit Option: Not allowed for courses counting toward the major