Polish Endowment


Dear Friends of Polish Language and Culture,

(for Polish language (po polsku), click here)

For the last four decades the University of Pittsburgh has been offering a course of Polish studies, consisting of three years of language and courses in literature, film, and culture. This is the only such college program for hundreds of miles, and one of few such in the United States.

Some students taking advantage of this program may be of Polish heritage; for others, a knowledge of the language and country is related to their professional field of interest. Award-winning instructional materials produced by this program are used in this country and throughout the world. Its Polish Studies Website houses one of the world’s most widely-used internet dictionaries of Polish.

Smaller programs such as this are at risk at universities across the US, and in response many communities served by them have embarked on successful endowment drives, raising million-dollar amounts to guarantee the continuation of Polish study into the future. At the University of Pittsburgh, Slovak language study is already supported by such an endowment. Similar actions in Ukrainian and Croatian are already vigorously underway.

Upon the retirement of Professor Oscar E. Swan in a few years, the University of Pittsburgh faces the likelihood of losing its multi-faceted Polish presence, developed over the course of decades. The only Polish program in the region will have vanished.   

To ensure the continuation of Polish studies at the University of Pittsburgh, a Polish Studies Endowment fund has been established. Community interest and involvement are crucial for the endowment drive to be successful.  The Polish Falcons of America and the Kosciuszko Foundation, most importantly among Polish organizations, are supporting this effort. We hope that you too will wish to see Poland’s language and culture remain among the offerings of the region’s major state-supported university. Donations are, of course, tax-deductible.

If you would like more information, to receive an informational brochure, or to meet with someone personally, please contact Christine Metil at metil@pitt.edu. To make a direct contribution, please use this link.

Other Types of Gifts to the Polish Endowment:

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    Make a gift of cash or stock today ot receive guaranteed income for life at attractive rates, an income tax deduction, while simultaneously benefiting the Polish Endowment.

  • Gifts of Securities
    This can create an immediate income tax deduction, avoid long-term capital gains tax, and reduce estate texes, while simultaneously benefiting the Polish Endowment
  • Bequests by Will or Living Trust
    Designate the Polish Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your estate to reduce estate taxes and benefit the Polish Endowment at Pitt beyond your lifetime
  • Life Insurance
    You can name the Polish Endowment as the beneficiary of an existing paid-up whole life policy.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
    Set aside assets such as cash, securities or real estate today, and receive income for life, an immediate income tax deduction, estate tax savings, and create a future gift for the Polish Endowment
  • Retirement Plan
    Name the Polishh Endowment fund as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other plan and avoid taxation while benefiting the Endowment.
  • Named Endowment
    This is an excellent way to honor someone special or to memorialize a loved one.  You and your family would enjoy a long relationship with the University that is built around something you value, your Polish heritage.  Call Institutional Advancement for more information (see below).

For more information about giving options, contact

Office of Institutional Advancement/University of Pittsburgh
128 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260